Who is Freedom to Learn?

What We Do

Our mission

We are educators, public school parents, and students.

Our community of volunteers and donors stretch across Kansas.  Advocacy groups have been working to save our public schools for years, but the situation is becoming increasingly dire.  F2L is passionate about joining this crucial movement.

School board and Local Elections

We support candidates who are committed to recruiting and retaining exceptional teachers, specialists, and staff. ​ That includes paying fair wages as well as providing Kansas public school teachers and staff with the protections and resources needed to inspire and educate our children.

Grassroots organizing

F2L will provide parental support and resources to teachers and school staff, help fund mentorship programs for new teachers, engage with retired educators, and work to create networks of F2L ambassadors in every district across Kansas.

Community Education

Through multi-channel efforts (online and offline), we help elevate the pivotal role that educators play in our communities while countering misinformation and destructive rhetoric. F2L breaks down the impact that proposed state and federal legislation could have on teachers, staff, and most importantly our students.


We want to help recruit amazing young students of all backgrounds to pursue a teaching career in Kansas public schools. We are currently building a scholarship program to help remove the financial burden for aspiring teachers.  Details to come!

Want to make a difference?

There are no salaries in Freedom to Learn.

Every penny donated goes directly to supporting outreach, community education, and advocacy.