Endorsements for USD233 Olathe School District

We are thrilled to endorse four exemplary candidates for the upcoming USD233 Olathe School District school board race. Each candidate brings a unique perspective, a rich background, and a shared vision for enhancing the educational journey of every student in the district.

Meet the Candidates

Combat veteran, parent, and a staunch advocate for transparency and student well-being.

Current board member and state representative focused on academic excellence, safety, and defending public education.

A former teacher, current substitute, and parent, Claire’s multifaceted involvement in education drives her commitment to teacher empowerment and community engagement.

With a focus on serving all students, Dr. Yurkovich brings her administrative expertise and a dedication to fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and continuous improvement.

These candidates embody the essence of community, service, and education. Their collective vision and individual expertise make them the right choices for navigating the current challenges and leading USD233 Olathe School District towards a promising future.

For a detailed overview of each candidate’s profile and their plans for the district, visit their respective sites: