Endorsements for USD231 Gardner-Edgerton District

We are excited to shine a light on a group of exceptional candidates for the forthcoming USD231 Gardner-Edgerton School District school board elections. These candidates bring not just impressive credentials, but also an unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of every learner within the Gardner-Edgerton community. Their diverse experiences, coupled with a unified goal, ensure a brighter educational horizon for the district.

Meet the Candidates

A devoted parent of two Gardner-Edgerton students and a staunch advocate for public education, Emma combines her passion derived from her children’s journey through special education with her dedication to improving district scores, teacher retention, and overall student success. Her extensive involvement as a parent at District Board Meetings and her background as a community-centered hairstylist make her well-equipped to foster positive connections between parents, teachers, and students.

Currently serving the school board since 2021 and with a background in education, Katie brings her deep-rooted commitment to student potential to the fore. As a Gardner resident for over eight years, she’s been an active participant in the district’s growth. Katie’s hands-on experience in the SPED, Ed Services, and other committees, combined with her dedication to improving the district’s special education program and reintroducing arts to elementary schools, positions her as a candidate keen on shaping a brighter future for the district.

With over two decades of calling Gardner home and a diverse professional background in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Aleksandra is passionate about creating a safe, inclusive, and student-centered education system. Her active involvement in the Special Education Department’s Gifted program, fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, and commitment to cultivating partnerships with educators make her a candidate determined to elevate every student’s academic journey.

Having called Gardner home since 2006 and with strong ties to the community, Heath champions the essence of unity and excellence in public education. With experience serving the Gardner City Council and Planning Commission, and a profound belief in the potential of Gardner-Edgerton’s educators and students, Heath sees the school system as a city’s greatest asset. Committed to addressing classroom challenges, he believes in the power of collective effort to realize shared goals.

For a detailed overview of each candidate’s profile and their plans for the district, visit their respective sites: