F2L Endorses the A+ Team for USD229 Blue Valley Schools

On November 7, VOTE for the A+ Team

If you’ve been driving around at all in the Blue Valley School District, you know what time it is: it’s time for a school board election. The signs are (literally) everywhere.

This year, Freedom to Learn is thrilled to endorse the A+ Team for Blue Valley Schools, a dedicated group of individuals running for the Blue Valley School Board. This team, comprising Jan Kessinger, Jodie Dietz, Patrick Hurley, and Clay Norkey, is committed to maintaining Academic Excellence in our schools, ensuring a balanced, student-centric approach to education.

The A+ Team believes in fostering a “kids first” environment, where every student has the opportunity to excel in Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Activities.

Freedom to Learn endorses Hurley, Dietz, Kessinger, and Norkey for Blue Valley School District

See our endorsement video